About E3

Why We Exist

Excellent Education for Everyone (E3) is a New Jersey based 501(c)3 organization providing a 360° comprehensive approach to urban educational reform and choice as:

  • a technical resource for best practice on policy implementation,
  • a mobilizer of community alliances
  • a catalyst for empowering urban parents, and
  • a legal resource for those most affected by the continued failure of the existing urban public education system.

New Jersey’s urban education system costs over $25,000/year per child.  Yet, only 25% of our urban children graduate from high school.  The vast majority of those that do are woefully unprepared to compete in our 21st century global economy.

The future of our country is dependent on an educated citizenry and adequately prepared workforce.  We cannot afford to continue to fail generation after generation of our urban young people.  This is a looming human capital crisis for the nation and the civil rights battle of our time.

Our Guiding Principles

To Focus solely on the interests of the children and improving the quality of urban educational choices.

To Create alliances with community organizations and leaders that support our mission.

To Educate, Organize, and Empower parents, voters, policy makers, business leaders, community and religious groups and the media to advance the cause of dramatically improving educational options and standards for urban children.