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Meet the Leaders – New Jersey Black Issues Convention 2012 (Full Episode)

All four parts of the New Jersey Black Issues Convention 2012 Special Edition of Meet the Leaders.

The topic: Urban Education Reform

On the Show:
Dr. Walter Farrell
Honorable Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly
Honorable Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman
Host Alfred Bundy
Honorable Assmeblyman Troy Singleton
and last but not least…
Kevin Jenkins, E3 VP of Operations and Marketing.

The panel dives deep into discussion about the past, present and future of urban education and the possible solutions that we can implement now to fix it.

For more video like this please visit our E3 Media page.

Meet the Leaders – New Jersey Black Issues Convention 2012 (Part 1)


Meet the Leaders – New Jersey Black Issues Convention 2012 (Part 2)


Meet the Leaders – New Jersey Black Issues Convention 2012 (Part 3)


Meet the Leaders – New Jersey Black Issues Convention 2012 (Part 4)

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“All In” with Chris Hayes Segment I – Georgia Cheating Scandal

MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor, Pedro Noguera, and Derrell Bradford of Better Education for Kids (B4K) discuss the Atlanta cheating scandal and testing policies in education.

To cheat on a test is to cheat the children of this country to a quality education. Cheaters always get caught.


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E3 Parent Roundtable @ St. Benedict’s Preparatory School – National School Choice Week 2013

“Parents and communities of color have been left out of the most important discussion (urban education reform) since the civil rights movement,” said Kevin Jenkins VP of Operations for E3.” “Engaging parents in the discussion, leading the process of reform utilizing the input of the stakeholders themselves is the only way to affect effective, systemic and sustainable change in urban education.” (more…)

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A Message from the President – Thank You for Your Continued Support

Christy Davis Jackson Support School ChoiceAs Excellent Education for Everyone (E3) continues to serve as the premier urban education reform organization in the state of New Jersey, I want to update you on some exciting developments that highlight the growing impact E3 is having on the education reform debate – impact that would not be possible without your critical support over the past few years, and I want to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation.

E3 has been working closely with our New Jersey School Choice and Education Reform Alliance (NJSCERA) to support Governor Chris Christie in promotion of school choice.  The Governor recently announced in his 2014 budget proposal his intention to launch a $2 million school choice pilot program.  With an initial focus on Camden, the pilot program will offer scholarships that low-income students in struggling schools will use to attend better performing public or private schools. This is a tremendous step forward in making school choice a reality in one of the bluest states in the country.

E3 is committed to leading the charge to support the Governor and the bipartisan group of NJ state officials behind him to secure pilot’s full implementation, which opponents have indicated they will spend whatever it takes to derail.  Our activities will focus on three core areas:  1) legislative outreach to engage and bolster support from key Democratic members of the state legislature; 2) grass roots outreach to identify parents interested in participating in the OSA pilot program, as well as to bring to bear the voices of the broader community of parents in support of the OSA pilot as a critical first step in improving the quality of urban educational choice and standards; and 3) development of a sophisticated, multifaceted communications strategy to counter the opponents’ misinformation campaign that we anticipate will employ myriad tactics, from op-eds and billboards to TV spots and social media.

Securing a school choice program in Camden, challenging existing abysmal academic standards through the Vargas lawsuit against the Camden Board of Education, and conducting extensive community empowerment efforts to bring to bear the voices of those most afflicted by the failure of urban public education are three key aspects of E3’s comprehensive approach to urban education reform.  A critical fourth component to this strategy is our Community Education Resource Network (CERN), established in Camden six years ago to provide alternative or supplemental educational programming for Camden students facing violent school environments or other obstacles to a descent education. CERN offers a continuum of care and real-time, on the ground solutions, providing a safe haven conducive for students to do homework, receive tutoring, counseling or mentoring, pursue a CERN administered GED curriculum or vocational training, and develop the critical skills they will need to survive and thrive in society.

We need your continued generous support to keep changing the dynamics of the education reform debate while simultaneously transforming the lives of young people in urban communities.  I look forward to working together to maximize the impact we are having here in New Jersey and ultimately across the country.


Christy Davis Jackson

donate to the effort. support E3 with a donation

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New Jersey School Choice Summit

Choice Media Event

In commemoration of National School Choice Week, please join education reform leaders and supporters from across New Jersey for a timely, important, and uplifting meeting about education reform and school choice in the Garden State.

Get your two dollar ticket now. This event will sell out. (more…)

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Vargas Vs. Camden

E3 - A 360 degree approach to urban education reform


Early this afternoon attorneys for parents of three Camden public school students who filed a class action complaint with Education Commissioner Cerf, against the Camden Board of Education, seeking the immediate transfer of their children from Camden Public Schools, announced that the application for immediate relief was denied by Judge Edward J. Delanoy, Jr ALJ. (more…)

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