E3's Mission

Excellent Education for Everyone (E3) is a coalition of New Jersey citizens from across the political spectrum, from all races, all religions, all ethnic groups and all regions of the State. Our mission is to…

Encourage an ongoing dialogue among parents, educators, community leaders, business people, clergy and government officials on the best ways to assure an Excellent Education for Everyone.

Enable the public schools to do a more effective job of educating the children of New Jersey by subjecting their schools to the competitive pressures of Parental School Choice. We believe that competition will stimulate better public-school performance, provide accountability, and assure that all children will receive a quality education.

Expand to the fullest the educational options available to students and parents in New Jersey, including: traditional public schools, public charter schools, parochial schools, nonsectarian private schools, home schooling, and other alternatives.

Ensure that all parents, regardless of income, have the power and the resources to decide where and in what way their children are educated. These resources should include public funding of public schools and public charter schools, public vouchers for private and parochial schools, private scholarships, tax credits, and tax deductions.

Enhance the ability of New Jersey’s low-income families to choose alternatives to public education, supported by public funds.

We will stand with the public school reformers in defending the Abbott court decisions. In fact, we believe School Choice can be a significant ally in accelerating the achievement of Abbott’s goals; and in assuring that the achievement does not unravel. The competitive pressure of School Choice will give public-school reformers the leverage to get it done rapidly and well. And the eternal vigilance of empowered parents will keep up the pressure to maintain the reforms. One generation after another of parents – with the power to reward and punish school performance – are the best guarantee that what is achieved today will not be lost tomorrow.