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School Competition Rescues Kids

For years, American education from kindergarten through high school has been a virtual government monopoly.
Conventional wisdom is that government must run the schools. But government monopolies don’t do anything well. They fail because they have no real competition. Yet competition is what gives us better phones, movies, cars — everything that’s good. (more…)

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Foundation supporting school choice donates $3.6M to Newark schools

A national philanthropic group announced today it invested more than $150 million into low-income public schools in 2010, including $3.6 million in grants for Newark schools.

The Walton Family Foundation focuses on providing low-income families with the ability to choose better performing public schools for their children, according to a press release. They are the largest donor to support school choice initiatives, having given more than $1 billion to the cause, according to the release. (more…)

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Poll: Voters say New Jersey not spending enough on schools


NEW BRUNSWICK — Education in New Jersey is not funded adequately, according to a majority of respondents in a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll released Wednesday.

Nearly six in 10 registered voters say they don’t believe New Jersey is spending enough on schools, according to poll results, while 15 percent believe too much is being spent and 21 percent say schools are adequately funded. (more…)

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Charter Schools Still Struggling, Despite Governor’s Enthusiastic Backing

New Jersey’s charters face funding inequities, facilities shortages and sometimes resentment from suburban host districts – for starters

Charter schools in New Jersey have long complained that they have a series of financial obstacles stacked against them.

They receive only a portion of what a local district spends for the same child, sometimes a small portion, and they get no public funding for facilities at all. (more…)

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Future of N.J. school reform remains uncertain without federal funds, permanent education chief

TRENTON — Almost lost in the blame game over the state’s bungled chance to get up to $400 million in federal education dollars is what the money might have bought to help New Jersey’s children.

More frequent testing to gauge student progress. Computer databases for tracking academic performance. Support for turning the worst schools into charter schools. (more…)

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School legal costs are a killer

In recent months, school funding has been hotly debated by many sides. And the most infamous school litigation of the past two decades, Abbott vs. Burke, is routinely invoked as a major cost driver in education. Whether or not you support the New Jersey Supreme Court’s decisions, which required equalized funding between the state’s richest and poorest school districts, most of us acknowledge that school districts must look for ways to cut waste from their budgets. (more…)

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School funding formula needs fixing

April 7, 2010
The Asbury Park Press

Adjustment aid just one part of problem

One would believe the world was ending if all you could do was listen to the gnashing of teeth from the state’s educational cartel of late. Whether the cuts in school aid for the upcoming year are 5 percent or zero, one message resounds: anything that isn’t an increase is unacceptable. And, if we don’t get it from Trenton, we’ll make sure we get the money during the school board elections. (more…)

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Charter schools fight to survive

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
The Record

State and federal leaders are touting charter schools as key to education reform, but advocates say the movement needs more public funding to grow in New Jersey.

“It’s politically expedient to talk about charter schools,” said Rex Shaw, lead person at the Teaneck Community Charter School. “But show me the money.”

Governor Christie has been a vocal supporter of the schools, which act independently of local districts even though they are publicly financed. But his office was mum on whether more money would be available to spur the movement.

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