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NJEA should spend less, face reality

You have to ask yourself: Is the New Jersey Education Association really getting its money’s worth?

A report from the Election Law Enforcement Commission released last week says the state teachers union spent nearly $7 million to convince the public and lawmakers in Trenton that they are swell and that Gov. Chris Christie is not. (more…)

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Bret Schundler: School aid cuts unavoidable during N.J. budget crisis

Gov. Chris Christie has been criticized for cutting spending to close this year’s massive state budget deficit. In truth, it was the only option he had.

If the governor had done nothing, the state would have run out of money before this current fiscal year is over. If the governor had raised taxes, people would have been hurt and an accelerated exodus of jobs and residents from New Jersey would have made our state’s financial problems worse. Cutting spending was the governor’s only option.

What pleases me, as New Jersey’s acting commissioner of education, is that Christie worked so hard to avoid reductions in state aid to New Jersey’s public schools.

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Christie vetos $1.3 million for Burlington City High

Jan. 27, 2010
By Adrienne Lu
The Philadelphia Inquirer

TRENTON – Gov. Christie wielded his veto pen for the first time this week, singling out a Burlington City high school project that has gone more than 60 percent over budget as an example of the irresponsible waste he plans to end. (more…)

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A Solution to School District Budget Cuts

June 17, 2009
Clayton Christensen
The Harvard Business Review

In the May 29, 2009 article, “L.A. Unified School District cancels bulk of summer school programs,” the Los Angeles Times reported that because of the state’s budget woes, L.A. Unified and other school districts in California were taking an axe to their summer school programs for the majority of students. (more…)

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Christie’s ax aimed at taxes — state and local

December 15, 2009
The Asbury Park Press

Vows budgets will be cut at all levels

Gov.-elect Chris Christie said he plans to cut expenses at every level of government and enact measures to make sure “we won’t be pushing problems downstream to local taxpayers.” (more…)

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District can’t spend on some field trips

June 1, 2009
The Courier-Post

Public dollars shouldn’t go to non-educational trips, especially when jobs are being cut.

Field trips are an important element of school. Years later, kids forget individual days in the classroom, but they remember trips to the Franklin Institute, the Smithsonian and other museums and cultural and historical attractions. (more…)

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New Jersey voters no tougher on school budgets this year than last

April 23, 2009
The Press of Atlantic City

The economy may be bad, and unemployment may be at an all-time high, but New Jersey voters still approved almost 74 percent of school budgets Tuesday, the same rate as last year.

State Education Commissioner Lucille Davy on Wednesday called the approval rate a sign that voters will support their schools, but they want to know the money is being spent effectively. (more…)

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